"Great books help you understand, and they help you feel understood" John Green
With Alrawi you will feel it more, because the voice of the words will be with you wherever you go.

Why Alrawi

Sustainable development starts with continuous learning and knowledge acquisition. Alrawi audio content offers an open platform for anywhere-anytime learning for professional goals or for pleasure.


Alrawi is a growing network of content contributors who convert Arabic books into digitally accessible audio library.
Alrawi is laser focused on creating a new market and new opportunities for a vast network of publishers, book authors, narrators, producers, artists and studios. This network allows for the creation of a diverse selection of rich content, enriching experiences and learning.


At the core, we are engaging. Starting with engaging narrators and high quality audio recordings that make hearing books enjoyable. Alrawi extends engagement beyond, allowing for active interaction and knowledge sharing between Alrawi friends and authors – thus keeping books always alive.


The journey of 1000 miles begins with one step. Alrawi will help you take that step, and measure the progress of your journey. Alrawi helps reading enthusiasts create and achieve goals by providing goal monitoring and notifications of books they have read or have an interest in.


How it Works

Our mission is to provide accessibility to books and cultural content to improve readership of books in the Arab world by creating the largest interactive audiobook library in Arabic. Not only does this increase awareness and improves knowledge, this also enables people to maximize the use of their time while driving and moving around by listening to useful content.

We believe tًhat with the right tools, content and right partnerships, we could create a cultural shift and to achieve this.

We aim to create an e-Community via a platform:

A platform that enables the conversion of print material into engaging audiobooks. This will involve matchmaking of authors, narrators, artists, and studios.

* In addition, to a mobile application and website that enables people to set their reading goals, listen to books and engage with authors and readers.

Alrawi is a socio-cultural platform that enables the creation and distribution of Arabic audiobooks. Al Raw community will be a network of member studios and contributing publishers, authors and narrators.

Audiobooks are a source of knowledge and entertainment. As a result, Alrawi provides the opportunity to help this sector and market flourish by providing a new income stream through the distribution of audiobooks to the contributing members.


Our Strategic Partners


Now you could enjoy listening to books through our updated app on iOS and Android.

You may listen to the diverse collection of books and book summaries through unlimited subscription packages available through our distributers, or buy them online by clicking here.

Additionally, you may use the in-app purchase feature to purchase your own copy of the audiobooks, and listen to them both online and offline through AlRawi app